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Welcome to the Goal Strike Academy!

Soccer Match

Have you struggled with injuries in the past?  Are you worried about sustaining another injury and missing even more soccer?  Or have you had teammates get season-ending injuries and you are saying "I don't want that to happen to me?"  But you don't know what to do????  Well, I have the program for you!  Introducing the Goal Strike Academy!  This program will have you match fit for the upcoming season and keep you playing at your full potential for many seasons to come!

Each tier comes with its own unique draws.  But the best part is: an online community where we can all grow and learn from each other.  Tips will be given to make everyone rise to their full potential.

Workouts will be made to improve everything about your game.  This includes: increasing power, improving endurance and strength, making sure you have the flexibility and movement for the game, getting more speed and agility, and yes, even ball skills!  All of this ties into decreasing your risk of injury!

All of this training can be done right in your own house!  Or bring your computer to the field to train outside.  The choice is up to you!

This is all made to be supplemental to your team training and give you the extra edge to be the best you can be all while decreasing your risk of injury on the field.

With degrees in Exercise Science and Physical Therapy, Dr. Mike is here for all your needs.

Scroll down below to find out more information and join the Academy!

Next group starts December 1st!

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***Goal Training and Brace Training is available to anyone.  Hat Trick Training available for New York and Maine residents only***

**Rehab services can include: treatment of pre-existing and/or new injuries, injury prevention screens, and additional customized workouts outside the group to address your needs (all done over the computer).

If you would like more information on the Academy or have any questions, feel free to send it in the contact form below!

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